Michael Jackson’s Passion for Walt Disney’s Genius

These are among the many rare first-edition and out-of-print Disney books Jackson collected and stored in his library. “He had thousands of Disney books that he had bought, that people had given him, that Disney had given him.” Miko Brando says. “He studied and read them. He knew a lot about Disney, one of his biggest heroes.”
Is very interesting to know that in 1985 Michael located Walt Disney’s official biographer Bob Thomas and requested to be introduced to “Gil” George was the name under which Disney Studio nurse Hazel George wrote songs for Disney films and television shows, including the Mickey Mouse Club. She was Walt Disney’s long-time personal nurse, therapist, and close confidante, and was also the main collaborator and partner of Disney composer Paul Smith.
She become not only the Disney Studio nurse, but also acted as Walt Disney’s personal nurse. The genesis of this was the aggravating neck injury that Walt suffered while playing polo in 1938. Most afternoons around five she used to visit the sideroom off his office suite to treat this injury and his chronic sinus trouble. Walt called the room his “Laughing Place”, and would sip a scotch while unburdening himself of the day’s frustrations. She was circumspect in later years about what he told her in these sessions, but did contribute several anecdotes to the Disney biography written by Bob Thomas. She also said Walt was quite introspective and vocal, and expressed serious doubts about himself. Since he could no longer play polo, she suggested he take up another hobby to work off his stress, which led to his interest in railroading.
The railroading interest made Walt Disney purchased a house in 1955 where he created Walt Disney Carolwood Pacific Railroad until his death on December 15, 1966 what is most fascinating is that the house is located at 355 N. Carolwood Drive one block from 100 N. Carolwood Drive, Michael Jackson last residence, after Walt Disney’s passing his trains were transfered to Griffit Park where are on display to this date.
Michael would continue to visit Hazel regularly for the next ten years, sending her flowers and bringing classical CD’s as a gift. “Gil” Hazel George passed away on March 12, 1996.
PS: Hazel seems to have left off writing songs in the early sixties, probably about the time Paul Smith retired. She continued to see and treat Walt Disney up to a few days before his death. It was she who first mentioned cryonics to him, arousing his interest in a subject that even today spawns rumors and urban myths surrounding the disposal of Walt’s remains, since it is said his ashes were buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale – CA.


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  1. nefertari25 says:

    Michael Jackson never had the chance to meet Walt Disney in person,the books he got from Disney were gifts from Disneyland.

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