Farewell to Sage


For the last three years I have been a frequent costumer at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta – GA.
Somedays I went there only to relax , other days to seat and read a tarot card and Sage the beautiful Black Cat was always around, I used to talk to him and pet his black coat..I know he felt my energy as I felt his it made me feel good knowing he was around. Thank you Sage for the beautiful days we had seating close to each other.


About nefertari25

Portuguese Medical, Court and Conference Interpreter and Translator. With 18 years experience working as a contractor freelance for Municipal, State Courts and Immigration Court Review. Studied at Pontificia Universidade Catolica - PUCRS , Porto Alegre, Brazil with a Bachelor Degree in German Studies and Romance Languages. Studied at Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA Major in English as a second language. Certified Medical Interpreter in the State of Georgia. US. Bridging of the Gap Certification.
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1 Response to Farewell to Sage

  1. shaefarrell says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Sage. Animals are seekers just like use. He was/is beautiful.

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