Love Letters

0d7470b7dc6f7b96d6064d0b9b433eccBreaking Free

By Michael Jackson

All this hysteria, all this commotion, time , space, energy are just a notion

What we have conceptualized we have created

All those loved, all those hated

Time’s arrow, so difficult to bend

Those broken promisses,

What they meant

Those love letters, never sent

Thank you for illuminating my whole being. You continue to surprise me with both fantasy and wonder. I’m so sorry for not being here when you wake up. I love you, [name blacked out]. From the bottom of my heart and soul, from France to Italy, I love you.

I will call you when I have landed.



About nefertari25

I am a Human Being that wants to see Justice for Michael as soon as possible. L.O.V.E.
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