Michael and the Flight Attendants


yDzxYCynthia Bell on left, Lauren Wallace on right

Bashir Documentary 2002,

Jackson wonders if Bashir likes flying.

Bashir claims he hates it, and says that the people on airplanes drink too much because they get alcohol for free (implying that he only flies first class).

Michael says that he loves to talk to the stewardesses, but Bashir doesn’t find that worth discussing. Michael continues with the subject, teasing Bashir about flight attendants, mentioning that he likes how women take care of him. But Bashir chooses to ignore the topic.

Cynthia Bell, prosecution witness, trial, 2005

The second flight attendant, Cindy Bell, was also an attractive woman, a blonde with a great smile. She seemed completely capable and sure of herself, and looked like she was very happy to see Michael. Even under the circumstances.

Miss Bell had a sweet expression on her face as she locked eyes with the pop star, who gently rocked back and forth in his seat behind the defense table.

Testimony from flight attendant, Cynthia Bell, TMez cross:

27 jury that you perceive Michael Jackson as a touchy-

28 feely kind of person, right? 4165

1 A. That is correct.

2 Q. And you said he was touchy-feely, kind of,

3 to you, right?

4 A. That is correct.

5 Q. What do you mean by that?

6 A. Well, he’s very soft-spoken, and typically

7 because of — he’s very polite and very soft-spoken,

8 I would have to kneel and gain eye contact with Mr.

9 Jackson. And, you know, he is very, you know — you

10 know, would touch my arm when we were communicating.

11 I don’t mean touchy-feely like in a weird sort of

12 manner. Just sort of a polite, gaining eye contact,

13 you know, maintaining, you know, communication that

14 way.

Lauren Wallace, prosecution witness, court 2005

Michael took off his sunglasses to get a better look at a beautiful tall blonde who entered the courtroom: Miss Lauren Wallace, a flight attendant who had served him numerous times. With her long blonde hair and perfect figure accented by a white pant suits and sexy black camisole, Miss Wallace had everyone in the courtroom paying attention. The blonde bombshell was one of the head flight attendants for Extrajet, a private airline that Michael often chartered for himself, his guests, and his three children.

As the gorgeous young woman was sworn in, staring over at Michael with adoring eyes, the pop star looked at her with a curious expression. It seemed like Michael was attracted to her on some level, but then he put on his wire-rimmed reading glasses and began glancing at notes from Messereau. Apparently, Michael didn’t want to be distracted by her beauty. Michael was anxious to hear what she’d been called to talk about.

Lauren Wallace, testimony:

The larger-than-life singer once wrote a personal note to one of her family friends who was very sick.

He was kind, gracious and polite to Wallace, the sole flight attendant on many XtraJet private flights that the one-time King of Pop chartered between California, Florida and other points.

In fact, they had “developed a strong professional friendship, I guess you could say,” Wallace said.

“He was wonderful, he was very kind, he was very humble, he was very gracious, very polite all the time,” Wallace said. “Sometimes he would joke around.”

“It was rare that we would sit down and chat, but on a couple occasions we would,” she said.

“It was wonderful getting to see him again,” she said, noting however that “it’s hard to be in that position when I like him so much.

“I was very flattered that he remembered me and was very coherent and knew who I was,” she said. “I was surprised. I expected him to be out of it. I was very surprised at his ability to recognize me.”

“I’ve been happy to fly Mr. Jackson and his family from day one, and I will remain that way,” she said. “It’s been a wonderful journey and experience, and it will be again.”


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