Michael Jackson, King Of Pop, Is Our Ultimate Style Icon.

The 26th Annual GRAMMY AwardsWho says you need to take your fashion cues from the ladies? Certain gentlemen emote style and deserve serious props for their wardrobe choices — and Michael Jackson is one of them. The “King of Pop” who won more accolades in his career than many other top musicians combined, became an international icon with his hits like “Thriller” and “Billie Jean.”
Grammy Awards 1984
Twenty nine years ago (on Feb. 28), Michael Jackson set a record by winning eight Grammy awards in one night. The father of three arrived at the ceremony in a sequined blazer and his signature sparkly glove. And, in true MJ style, he sported black pants, loafers with chunky socks and a pair of aviators … always a necessity at nighttime. Although we may tone down the shoulder pads and lose the glove if we were to copy his look today, this is totally something we’d love to wear to a party (or maybe the Grammys should we ever be invited).


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